Pipersong Meditation Chair

Sitting in Your Own Way

Are you a cross-legged sitter, too?

Do you feel bored sitting in a fixed position and always try to squeeze your legs into the limited space of those conventional office chairs?

Especially Designed for YOU

As a revolutionary product, Pipersong Meditation Chair can fit all your needs for different sitting positions, from cross-legged to squatting, kneeling, and many more.

It provides an active, flexible seating outlet that promotes constant movement and stimulation of your body.

Change positions from time to time and sit in your most comfortable way. Long-hour sitting will no longer be boring.

Best chair I've ever owned

"I work at a computer for 8 hours a day and have never sad in anything more comfortable. I love all of the different position options that are encompassed into one chair."

--- Amanda

Best decision this year!!

"Love this chair!!! I work long hours painting in the studio. This chair allows me to change positions and gives me more movement. It’s really been worth it."

--- Spectre

I'm so glad I got this!

"This chair is amazing. It's not hard to move around or out of the way, the setup was incredibly easy, and it's well made. I was wary of such a hefty price on a chair but it has been well worth it."

--- Bredette

My back pain is 100% gone!

"This super versatile chair allows me to move around into comfy positions that just feel comfortable. It has made all the difference for my back and shoulders."

--- Dr. Becky A. Smerdon