Shipping Areas & Rates

Please refer the Delivery Time to the product page. The estimated delivery date varies between countries, colors and products. Please make sure you select the correct country on the page head before browsing.


Shipping Rate Customs Duty/Fee Tax Free 30-Day Returns
Argentina $80 May Have X X
Australia FREE X X Y
Austria FREE X Y Y
Belgium FREE X Y Y
Bermuda $150 X X X
Brazil $80 May Have X X
Bulgaria $20 X Y X
Cambodia $20 May Have X X
Canada FREE X X Y
Chile $100 May Have X X

     China      (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan)

Costa Rica $60 May Have X X
Croatia $20 X Y X
Cyprus $60 X Y X
Czech Republic FREE X Y Y
Denmark FREE X Y Y
Estonia $20 X Y X
Finland $20 X Y X
France FREE X Y Y
German FREE X Y Y
Greece $20 X Y X
Hungary FREE X Y Y
Iceland $60 May Have X X
India $120 May Have X X
Indonesia  $20 May Have X X
Ireland FREE X Y Y
Israel $150 May Have X X
Italy FREE X Y Y
Japan $20 May Have X X
Kuwait $150 May Have X X
Laos $20 May Have X X
Latvia $20 X Y X
Lebanon $100 May Have X X
Liechtenstein $40 Y X X
Lithuania $20 X Y X
Luxembourg FREE X Y Y
Malaysia $20 May Have X X
Malta $60 X Y X
Mexico $120 May Have X X
Monaco $20 Y X X
Montenegro $80 May Have X X
Netherlands FREE X Y Y
New Zealand $150 X X X
Norway $60 Y X X
Oman $80 May Have X X
Philippines $20 May Have X X
Poland FREE X Y Y
Portugal $20 X Y X
Puerto Rico $150 May Have X X
Qatar $80 May Have X X
Romania $20 X Y X
Russia $80 May Have X X
Saudi Arabia  $100 May Have X X
Serbia $60 Y X X
Singapore $20 X X X
Slovakia FREE X Y Y
Slovenia FREE X Y Y
South Korea $20 X X X
Spain FREE X Y Y
Sweden FREE X Y Y
Switzerland $40 Y X X
Thailand $20 X X X
Turkey $100 May Have X X
United Arab Emirates $100 May Have X X
United Kingdom FREE X X Y
United States (continental) FREE X May Have Y
United States (Alaska & Hawaii) $80 X X X
Vietnam $20 X X X

 (Updated on April 9, 2024)

Did not find your country listed?

Please contact us here or email us at with your country, city, and postal code so that we can provide you with a shipping quote.

* Customs Duty/Fee:

'X' = No custom duty/fee will be charged;

'May Have' = There might be customs duty/fees applied upon receipt, which you will need to cover.

'Y' = There will be a certain amount of customs duty/fees applied upon receipt, which you will need to cover.

** Tax:

'X' = No extra tax will be charged;

'Y' = Extra tax amount will be applied at checkout.

*** Free 30-Day Returns:

'X' = The return shipping is not included unless it's due to the product defection issue;

'Y' = Free return label will be provided as long as the returned product can be packed as the original.

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